Civil Appeals

At Davis Law P.C. in Cleburne, Texas, we handle appeals and appellate briefs concerning civil litigation cases. There is a time limit for every appeal. That appeal must typically be taken very close from the final judgment in the case. Calling immediately can be the difference between getting the opportunity to appeal, or losing it. In civil litigation that we’ve handled, disputes have arisen from contracts, letters of intent, operating agreements, trademark issues, copyrights, DMCA, licensing, small business development, consumer protection, intentional torts, regulated transportation, debt collection, and civil rights.

We take the time necessary to write effective pleadings, motions, memorandum, and briefs. Extensive experience also allows us to help with analyzing and anticipating opponents' arguments. We can, in short, assist greatly at the trial level as well as on appeal. We believe how you present your case in the brief makes all the difference. We work hard to make our briefs as compelling as they can be, presenting our clients positively in the best possible light while never overreaching.

  • Brief Preparation
  • Representation in the Appellate Courts
  • Texas Supreme Court
  • Texas Courts of Appeal

Connect to a lawyer who will catch the mistakes your trial attorney, the judge, or the jury made by contacting Davis Law P.C. in Cleburne, Texas.  We know how to use our resources to give you the best chance to change the outcome of your case.  You'll find our services to be uncompromising and backed with an unmatched dedication to knowledge, experience and integrity. Each appeals court has its own rules, and you need a lawyer who has experience with the court you are appealing to.

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Regardless of the legal area, Attorney Jeffery S. Davis cares about his clients and the outcomes of their cases. We emphasize that we are with clients through this phase of their lives and that we understand their concerns. As an experienced attorney, Jeffery S. Davis shows his clients how to get through the legal process in ways that are cost effective and emotionally manageable. Our goal is to keep stress, time, and expense to a minimum for our clients. Our client-focused approach to the law along with our experience in various aspects of litigation allows us to provide our clients with excellent service often associated with larger law firms while offering all of the benefits of a small firm.

At Davis Law P.C., you get:

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  • Personal Attention On Every Case
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Davis Law, P.C., is a full-service law firm with our office in Cleburne, Texas presently serving Johnson County and clients in Cleburne, Joshua, Keene, Burleson, Alvarado, Rio Vista, and the surrounding communities. At Davis Law P.C., we are dedicated to providing our clients with our expertise, we represent clients with an array of interests and disciplines. We are highly motivated and qualified to assist clients in numerous areas in an effort to further protect their respective needs. Attorney Jeffery S. Davis offers comprehensive, personalized, attentive legal guidance through each issue. We strive to handle our clients' cases in a unique manner that meets their specific needs and goals.

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